A Santa Like
No Other

Make memories that will last a lifetime by inviting Nicholas Kringle aka: Santa Tom to your gathering.

Santa Tom

Make your holidays special and memorable by inviting Nicholas Kringle aka: Santa Tom to your gathering. Santa Tom’s goal in portraying Santa Claus is to perpetuate the joy, wonder and magic of Christmas to everyone he greets.

From his snowy white beard to his gentle, jolly demeanor and authentic custom attire Santa Tom will warm the heart and make believers out of all who meet him.

Making a grand entrance and ringing his sleigh bells Santa Tom will bring enthusiasm, smiles and excitement to all.

Santa Tom is available for many different types of gatherings including:

  • In-Home parties
  • Corporate events
  • Tree lightings
  • Parades
  • Meet and Greets
  • Breakfasts
  • Charitable events
  • Photo Sessions
  • Advertising
  • Community special events
  • Day Cares
  • Any other special occasions you can think of.

Hear about the magic first hand.

“I don’t want anything for Christmas, my heart is full. Thank you for cherishing every child who came to see you today. For seeing them, for caring, and for making so many Moms’ and Dads smile…me included. You carry the true spirit of Christmas in you.”

“Thank you so much for coming to the Regions Holiday Party Santa! You brought so many smiles to patients and their families! Thank you for not only being at our party but also taking time to visit patients bedside! Have a great Holiday season! Thanks.”

“Dear Santa, You are truly amazing. Brianna and Caitlin are convinced you are the real Santa (and so are we). Brianna couldn’t stop signing about you. “Santa signed my name. He loves me!” She was thrilled! Caitlin, who was becoming skeptical, now is a true believer. Thank you so much for being willing to learn and for mastering those phrases in such a short time. You have made this Christmas magical for our family.”

“We were able to visit with you yesterday. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until we visit Santa. We have been visiting you since our kids were tiny. It makes me happy that when my kids are old and memories fade, they will always picture you when they think of Santa. Thank you for providing our family with so many memories and making Santa feel so real.”

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